Spread Some Love

I think it’s safe to say that the world is in need of a major group hug. It can feel like negativity is everywhere at times and it’s hard to escape this seemingly never ending flow of pessimism when it constantly surrounds us. And this can be difficult. It can make us feel like the earth is a dark place and that all of the good has been drained from it. It can make us feel like crawling under our covers and not ever peeking our heads back out again. But I’m going to be honest. Hiding under covers may have helped stopped the monsters under your bed when you were little, but it’s not going to do anything to help the world now. The world needs your light. It needs your bright smile and your helping hands and your warm heart. It doesn’t need another person to be swallowed into dark covers.

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A List of Things You Deserve

A list of things you deserve:

-You deserve to have your favorite flowers sitting on your windowsill in a beautiful, brightly colored vase.
So go out and buy them for yourself.

-You deserve to look in the mirror and feel completely at peace with the reflection.
So first, remember that you are unique and perfectly imperfect. There is no one in the world exactly like you and that makes you wonderful. Then, write a list of all the things you love about yourself both physical and not.

-You deserve to feel healthy and beautiful.
So drink some tea, eat some fruits and veggies, and remember to drink lots of water. Also remember that food is fuel for your body and you need it if you’re going to be doing amazing things today. Which you are.

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-You deserve to have a long, lovely day.
So wake up early in the morning and start off your day with a sunrise.

-You deserve adventure.
So go outside of your comfort zone and try something that you’ve always wanted to do, but were always too afraid to.

-You deserve to feel silly and goofy.
So dance wherever you want, whenever you want, and act like no ones watching.

-You deserve to feel confident.
So wear exactly what you want to wear, do your hair exactly how you want to do your hair, and do your makeup exactly how you want to do your makeup. It’s your body, so who cares what anyone else thinks?

-You deserve love.
So love your surroundings. Love the earth. Love what you do. Love what you wear. Love the people in your life. And most importantly, remember to love yourself.

~Madelynne Catherine