It’s Been a While…Let’s Catch Up Over Tea

Hello there!

It’s been quite a while. If you haven’t already noticed, it is, in fact, October, which means Fall, the season of pumpkin flavored everything, is in full swing. I greatly recommend attending this Tea Talk with a pumpkin chai tea latte in one hand and a pumpkin spice scone in the other.

Trust me, coordinating your tea choice of the day to the season outside really makes you feel like you have your life together.

Except, I am currently drinking Peppermint tea, which maybe will give you a slight insight into the state of my life at the moment.

It’s a bit all over the place.

But I’m absolutely loving it. (Side note: While rereading this, I realize I sound just like a McDonald’s ad and I now have the stupid jingle stuck in my head. Dang it.)

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Searching for a Rainbow

Bad News speaks in a loud, blaring manner. It stands confidently on every street corner blasting a continuous stream of negativity through a large megaphone. If Bad News were a person, they would be obnoxious and bumbling with no sense of manners and a problematic lack of proper timing.

Unfortunately, due to their demanding presence, Bad News often blocks out Good News.

Good News stands off politely to the side just quietly trying to get a word in every now and then.

Because of their actual possession of manners and a quiet inside voice, we can sometimes feel as if Good News is absent. But don’t worry. Though Good News is sometimes overshadowed by Bad, it is quiet, yet persistent with its message. If you look hard enough, it is always there consistently speaking and softly shining.

So this is your reminder that Good is still out there. Don’t let the Bad News make you think otherwise.

You just need to find the rainbow inside of the storm.



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Balancing Act

“Life is all about balance. Today I’ll eat this funnel cake, tomorrow I’ll eat a salad. See? Balance,” I say while eyeing a hot fudge sundae and fries.

So maybe that isn’t exactly how it should work, but my bad food decisions aside, I really do think that life is just one big balancing act.


It’s kind of like constantly having to monitor a playground see-saw. If you add too much to one side, then it won’t be long before the other side is sent flying up into the air. Then after that, the rest is up to gravity to see how long it’ll take to crash and burn to the ground.  It’s a constant struggle of keeping both sides equal, so that no one flies up and no one falls down and everyone is happy.

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Here Comes the Sun: A Mental Spring Cleaning

It’s that wonderful time of year again where chunky sweaters can be ditched for breezy dresses, blankets can begin to make the transition from cozy necessities to picnic settings, and the days all begin to just seem a little bit brighter. The melted snow gone gives the ground a chance to breathe again and with warm days beginning to linger, it feels like the world is taking a big sigh of relief.


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