Pancakes & Patience

This weekend I learned a couple of things.
1. Pancakes are delicious when you have patience and let them cook.
2. Pancakes are slightly less delicious when you have no patience and do not let them cook.


Rainy Saturday mornings are basically made for pancake making while jamming out to the appropriate pancake themed music of Jack Johnson’s “Banana Pancakes”. (Fun game: let’s see how many times Madelynne will use the word “pancake” in this blog post) For once, I had the honor of being the Official Pancake Flipper, a title usually not given to me due to a past of extremely overcooked, hard as rock pancakes (life tip: turning up the stove all the way for the pancakes to cook faster usually does not work…). Fortunately, my college friends haven’t had too much experience with my unlucky burning catastrophes and I was finally entrusted to flip the pancakes. It was soon pointed out to me, however, that I possess absolutely zero patience. I’ve always known that I’m an impatient person, but waiting for these delicious breakfast treats to cook in front of me, really made me realize just how little patience I posses.

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