Take a Peek Into My Freshman Dorm


Life in a freshman dorm is a wonderful thing. With people living above, below, and next door it’s like a constant party all the time. Think an episode of Friends, but college edition.

However…freshman dorms aren’t entirely too aesthetically pleasing.  With four plain cement walls and a single window (maybe two if you’re lucky), I have the slightest suspicion that the interior designers got inspiration from prison cells.

But fear not! Wall decorations and throw pillows galore are here to rescue you from the terribly bland and prison inspired theme of freshman dorms.

So let’s take a little tour through my dorm from last year to hopefully give you some ideas on how to brighten things up a bit.

Flowers (!!!): Bringing the outside inside is always a wonderful idea. Except of course if you’re bringing in wild raccoons or something…let’s keep those outside please.


-Window stickers: Not only are these incredibly cheap, but they’re also super easy to apply and take off, so your windows will always be ready for new stickers every season. For Spring, I highly recommend pretty colored tulips…to match your real life tulips, of course.


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College Life in a Big Old City

I was never really too keen on the idea of the “typical college experience”, so when it came to picking out my future home, choosing to go to school in a city just seemed like the logical thing to do. And luckily, it has turned out to be a perfect fit. Honestly, I knew from the second that I drove into the Philly skyline and “Philadelphia Freedom” came on the radio, that it was meant to be.

Now I will totally be the first to admit that I’m lacking a bit in the department of “street smarts” and “common sense”, but hey, here I am nine months later, and I’d say I’m doing pretty darn swell. Cities can definitely be intimidating, but they can also be wonderful and magical and exciting and the perfect places to live.

So here are seven of the reasons why going to a city school is great.

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