Adventures in “Adulting”

Moving into your first real apartment with friends feels a lot like playing “house”.  Except for the fact that the food isn’t plastic, the dishes actually have to be washed, and no one gets to be the dog. (Which, if we’re being honest, was the best part of the game.)

I’m nineteen now, which means I have officially survived my first year of being an “adult”, but for some reason I’ve never felt more like a terribly confused, little kid. Maybe this is because the last time I attempted to vacuum resulted in a glitter explosion in the living room. Or because I recently dyed all of my white sheets blue after overlooking a sneaky navy t-shirt in the washer. And, trust me, the list goes on.

And on.

And on. 

But, surprisingly,  I’m not actually upset about this.

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Take a Peek Into My Freshman Dorm


Life in a freshman dorm is a wonderful thing. With people living above, below, and next door it’s like a constant party all the time. Think an episode of Friends, but college edition.

However…freshman dorms aren’t entirely too aesthetically pleasing.  With four plain cement walls and a single window (maybe two if you’re lucky), I have the slightest suspicion that the interior designers got inspiration from prison cells.

But fear not! Wall decorations and throw pillows galore are here to rescue you from the terribly bland and prison inspired theme of freshman dorms.

So let’s take a little tour through my dorm from last year to hopefully give you some ideas on how to brighten things up a bit.

Flowers (!!!): Bringing the outside inside is always a wonderful idea. Except of course if you’re bringing in wild raccoons or something…let’s keep those outside please.


-Window stickers: Not only are these incredibly cheap, but they’re also super easy to apply and take off, so your windows will always be ready for new stickers every season. For Spring, I highly recommend pretty colored tulips…to match your real life tulips, of course.


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A Guide to Finding Your People

A bit of a lengthy post on finding “your people” to make up for the fact that I’ve been M.I.A. for the past couple weeks…

            We’re all in search of those people. The ones that you call with any sort of news because you know they’ll be excited, whether they were just told about your new job promotion or the fact that you got out of bed and brushed your teeth today. They’re the ones who pull out the chocolate, tissues, and all your favorite movies when you really just need a good cry session. They’re the ones who throw the best dance parties because you already know that your jamming playlist is literally identical. And they’re the ones who would totally help you hide that dead body.

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Balancing Act

“Life is all about balance. Today I’ll eat this funnel cake, tomorrow I’ll eat a salad. See? Balance,” I say while eyeing a hot fudge sundae and fries.

So maybe that isn’t exactly how it should work, but my bad food decisions aside, I really do think that life is just one big balancing act.


It’s kind of like constantly having to monitor a playground see-saw. If you add too much to one side, then it won’t be long before the other side is sent flying up into the air. Then after that, the rest is up to gravity to see how long it’ll take to crash and burn to the ground.  It’s a constant struggle of keeping both sides equal, so that no one flies up and no one falls down and everyone is happy.

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College Life in a Big Old City

I was never really too keen on the idea of the “typical college experience”, so when it came to picking out my future home, choosing to go to school in a city just seemed like the logical thing to do. And luckily, it has turned out to be a perfect fit. Honestly, I knew from the second that I drove into the Philly skyline and “Philadelphia Freedom” came on the radio, that it was meant to be.

Now I will totally be the first to admit that I’m lacking a bit in the department of “street smarts” and “common sense”, but hey, here I am nine months later, and I’d say I’m doing pretty darn swell. Cities can definitely be intimidating, but they can also be wonderful and magical and exciting and the perfect places to live.

So here are seven of the reasons why going to a city school is great.

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May Tea Talk: Sunny Disposition


I’m a day late for the May “Tea Talk”, but I thought I’d make it up to you by sharing some very helpful life advice: It’s impossible to be sad when wearing a bright yellow dress made of flowers and sunshine.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Life Updates:

This past week, I’ve started to pack up my things into a seemingly endless amount of boxes and bags. It’s actually quite surprising how much stuff I’ve managed to fit into our tiny, little, concrete-walled room. It’s also quite surprising how much I’m actually going to miss this tiny, little, concrete-walled room.

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Take Care of Yourself!

This past week has been a bit hectic. It’s currently week five of Spring Quarter here at Drexel and midterms are in full swing, which means exams and projects galore! I currently feel like my body is functioning at supersonic speed to get everything done by the due dates and I’m a bit afraid that when I slow down I might just collapse into a pile of dust. But you know, it’s honestly fine *insert nervous laughter here*.

In all of this craziness it seems like everyone is either running on four hours of sleep or recovering from their third all nighter in a row. The gas station energy drink shelves are bare and coffee shops are being rampaged by zombie like college students in desperate need of caffeine. Campus is pretty much the set of an apocalyptic movie scene.

In all seriousness, though, (and with much less exaggeration) it’s important to remember to take care of ourselves, especially in the midst of midterms and finals. Our bodies aren’t meant to run purely on energy drinks and Starbucks. And at some point, the sleeplessness is going to catch up to you.

So, sleep deprived students everywhere! This is your reminder to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! And here is a convenient five point list on how to do exactly that:

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Dorm Decorating: Christmas Edition

‘Twas the week before winter break and all through the dorms…well, there’s no cute way to rhyme that at the moment, everyone is stressed and freaking out about finals. Though I am one of these stressed students, instead of studying, I spent five consecutive hours cutting out paper snowflakes for my dorm. Obviously, I have my priorities straight.

But really, it’s perfectly okay to take a study break (maybe not for five hours of snowflake making like me) and relax for a little bit. And what better way to relax, than by spreading Christmas cheer? So I thought I would share with you a few ways I made my dorm a bit more merry & bright for the season.

(Warning: I go a little overboard with the fake snow and frost effects on my pictures..whoops)IMG_1491

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10 Things to do on a College Night (That Don’t Include Partying)

Honestly, one of my biggest worries when coming to college was the fact that I just don’t enjoy going to parties. Well, let me be more specific…I enjoy the cake and balloon type of parties, but I do not enjoy the super loud music and crowded rooms full of intoxicated people type of parties. I really thought that I would be the only one who felt this way and that I would spend every Friday and Saturday night sitting alone in my dorm room. But good news! If you don’t enjoy partying every weekend, you are not alone! And more good news! There are so many other things to do in college on the weekends besides partying!

So to all of my fellow introverts and party avoiding people, I made a little list of 10 things you can do on the weekends that do not include partying.

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It’s Only New Once

*Originally ran October 5, 2015*

     The worst part about a new situation is the anticipation that comes before it. It’s the awful days, weeks, and months beforehand that we spend worrying and overthinking. It’s all of this extra space in between that gives our brain time to think up every  horror story that could possibly occur, every single mistake that we could make, and every little tiny detail that could go wrong.

     Recently, I had a pretty big change in my life. I packed up all of my bags from Virginia Beach and moved to the big city of Philadelphia to attend Drexel University. Of course, I spent a vast majority of the summer coming up with awful scenarios that could occur, because everything was new and I had no idea what to expect. I was living away from home for the first time, making up my own schedule for the first time, and attending lectures and art classes for the first time. For the entire first week, absolutely everything I did was new. But here’s the funny thing about that; it’s only new once.

     In one of my classes my professor told us these word, “it’s only new once”, and they’ve resonated with me ever since. Sometimes things in our day to day life can seem rather daunting. Easy tasks for some people may seem like Olympic worthy feats for others. It all depends on us as individuals. Sometimes beginning the first day of a new job is scary, or walking into your first class of a new quarter, or even picking up the phone to make an appointment somewhere new. No matter what our situation is, new things can be intimidating. However, we must keep in mind that they are only new once! All it takes is a good fifteen seconds of bravery to muster up the courage to pick up the phone or walk in the door. After that it’s no longer new. Been there done that. You got this.

~Madelynne Catherine