An Island in the Sun: A Photo Diary

Last month, my passport gained its first stamp, my bucket list gained a lot of check marks, and I gained a major sunburn (along with the most amazing Spring Break to date).

In the midst of a seemingly endless winter, my friend, Rebekah, and I sat in a crowded post office filling out paperwork for my passport. While waiting in a line that stretched on forever, we chatted away about plans for Spring Break that, honestly, seemed far fetched at the time. With a blizzard in full force outside, any visions of her sunny home in the Bahamas seemed impossible. But a couple weeks later, with passport and plane tickets in hand, I was stepping out of an airplane onto the soil of a new country.

Stepping into a warm paradise was the perfect way to wash off the winter blues. The Bahamas are also a perfect fit for Rebekah, because both are filled with the most positive, sunny energy imaginable.  And what better way to explore the island than with a tour guide who has lived there her whole life?

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