Photos from Our Forty-Eight Hours in Charleston

A couple weeks ago, my friends and I planned a trip to Charleston, South Carolina to visit our pals who just recently graduated from bootcamp. Many group texts, Starbucks planning dates, and a few bumps in the road later…we finally arrived all in one piece.  

If you ever feel like your life is lacking in color, I definitely recommend a weekend trip down to Charleston, because the entire city is one gigantic rainbow. 13754257_1177501042310874_7499374359142562681_n13775506_1177501078977537_2887678076385433168_n13754544_1177501112310867_5964307203414311283_n

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An Island in the Sun: A Photo Diary

Last month, my passport gained its first stamp, my bucket list gained a lot of check marks, and I gained a major sunburn (along with the most amazing Spring Break to date).

In the midst of a seemingly endless winter, my friend, Rebekah, and I sat in a crowded post office filling out paperwork for my passport. While waiting in a line that stretched on forever, we chatted away about plans for Spring Break that, honestly, seemed far fetched at the time. With a blizzard in full force outside, any visions of her sunny home in the Bahamas seemed impossible. But a couple weeks later, with passport and plane tickets in hand, I was stepping out of an airplane onto the soil of a new country.

Stepping into a warm paradise was the perfect way to wash off the winter blues. The Bahamas are also a perfect fit for Rebekah, because both are filled with the most positive, sunny energy imaginable.  And what better way to explore the island than with a tour guide who has lived there her whole life?

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Be a Tourist in Your Own City

*Originally ran July 25, 2015*

While living in the tourist magnet city of Virginia Beach the past few years, I’ve picked up that the word “tourist” sometimes carries around a negative connotation. Locals tend to stereotype this group as a bunch of loud mouthed, wide-eyed people who walk way too slowly and don’t know how to properly drive on our roads. My friends and I often wonder why people bother coming to vacation here, of all places, when they could go anywhere in the world. They come to our city with amazement and wide arms ready to soak up everything that comes their way and maybe these “annoying” tourists actually have the right idea…

      Often times our every day surroundings become monotonous and we begin to take everything around us for granted. So here’s a challenge: set aside a day to be a tourist in your own city.  Do all of the roll-your-eye tacky, cheesy things those visitors in your city flock to. The other day my friend, Katie, and I did just that. We took on the beach with the most hotels lining the streets and tourists bursting around every corner; the Oceanfront. I had always had it in my mind that it was just hotel after hotel after hotel, etc. But recently we’ve found some hidden gems that made us finally understand the appeal of that part of our city to others.

      After starting off the day with fresh fruit and delicious coffee from Bad Ass Coffee, we began the search for a parking spot, which usually turns into quite the adventure. The great thing about having an awful sense of direction is that I often get lost. A lot. Which usually ends in discovering cute little tucked away shops and faded, pretty brick walls that are perfect for posing.

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