Hi I’m Madelynne!

I’m a nineteen year old Graphic Design student studying at Drexel University and adventuring around the lovely city of Philadelphia.

I have a huge love for quotes, books, flowers, picnics, tea, and anything that’s bright and whimsical. There’s also a 99% chance that right now I’m either jamming out to a perfect playlist of Frankie Vallie & The Four Seasons and Taylor Swift, or baking cookies. But most likely, both.

If you’re looking for someone with awkward dance moves and an ambition to create the world’s best Snickerdoodle recipe, then I’m your gal.

But thanks for stumbling upon my quirky little part of the internet. I hope you find something here that makes you smile, because that’s the goal man.


Happy adventuring!

~Madelynne Catherine


Want to get in touch? Or have any thoughts & ideas you’d like to share?

Send me an email at sunflowerdazedesigns@gmail.com ! Can’t wait to hear from you!


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