In And Out.

I’m currently writing this at 1:00 am, because I couldn’t sleep due to overthinking and messy thoughts. So, instead, I’ve decided to distract myself with Netflix movies. (I just finished watching Begin Again and I highly recommend it if you want to listen to an absolutely lovely soundtrack and admire the perfect wardrobe of Keira Knightley’s character.)

Anyways, it’s been an interesting past couple of days as I’m sure you’re all aware. Interesting in a scary way. Interesting in a confusing way. Interesting in a lot of ways that I hoped it wouldn’t be.

But it was. And it is. And here we are.

So now what?

There’s currently a lot of fear circulating through the world at the moment. It’s always been there, but now it’s become more apparent like someone’s slowly been turning up the volume and we’re sure the speakers are going to burst at any moment. That could also very well be the sound of our hearts about to beat out of our chests, but for one second let’s stop. Let’s close our eyes. And let’s breathe.

In and out.

In and out.

First, let’s remember that we are all people. We all have brains in our heads and hearts in our chests and souls in our body. And this is important. It’s very important, because these are the things that make us human beings. And underneath everything else, underneath our clothes and our skin and our religions and our beliefs, there is a brain and a heart and a soul. We are far more alike than we are different.

Second, let’s remember that each and every one of us is going through something. We all have internal battles. Brains are messy places and sometimes we don’t understand them. And if we can’t understand our own heads how do we expect to understand everyone else’s? We don’t have telescopes that allow us to see into thoughts. Science has yet to invent those, so until then we can’t possibly know anyone’s reasons, motivations, or histories. Let’s take this into consideration when we interact with others.

We have to learn to think less with our brains and more with our hearts.

And lastly, let’s remember that love will always overcome hate. We are all powerful individuals. We each contain our own ideas and opinions and we can express ourselves through our words and through our screens in an instant. This is an incredible gift to possess. And we must use it wisely. Use your words to spread kindness, and hope, and optimism. Use your abilities and your actions to inspire and to help change the world for the better.

Because it is definitely possible for a single person to change the world, but the process is a heck of a lot faster with a few helping hands.

So in this time of confusion and transition, do not be judgmental. Do not criticize others for their beliefs. Instead, work hard to be the difference that you believe in. Use your gifts to lend a hand to someone who might need it. Be thoughtful and encouraging and kind.

Please be gentle to one another.

The world is in desperate need of some love.

And maybe a few group hugs too.


Madelynne Catherine

“It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.” –Eleanor Roosevelt

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