Photos from Our Forty-Eight Hours in Charleston

A couple weeks ago, my friends and I planned a trip to Charleston, South Carolina to visit our pals who just recently graduated from bootcamp. Many group texts, Starbucks planning dates, and a few bumps in the road later…we finally arrived all in one piece.  

If you ever feel like your life is lacking in color, I definitely recommend a weekend trip down to Charleston, because the entire city is one gigantic rainbow. 13754257_1177501042310874_7499374359142562681_n13775506_1177501078977537_2887678076385433168_n13754544_1177501112310867_5964307203414311283_n

Rainbow Row is a beautiful street of vibrantly painted houses that have now inspired me to paint any of my future apartments bright yellow or pink. 13754394_1177711918956453_6174950468415832758_n13770305_1177711355623176_2173261124309094400_n13680779_1177711378956507_94877716322324737_n13669170_1177501138977531_5418431162310686958_n13769454_1177711618956483_4074610789013416559_n13775955_1177711738956471_1624923034516138020_n13775438_1177711638956481_5992358009243324649_n13770473_1177711718956473_8146941821599046115_n13620119_1177711902289788_1185643080026002303_n13781823_1177711758956469_5424651408818738581_nThis beautiful rooftop is part of the Eleve restaurant located inside the Grand Bohemian Hotel. If you’re ever stopping by here for brunch, I definitely recommend the Pecan Waffles…they were so good that they brought my friend to tears. What a sight.


Also, make sure to take a walk down the Waterfront Park for some top notch fountain viewing. 13619806_1177711698956475_6385357103387735160_n13626976_1177711598956485_1631580689880721660_n13754552_1177711932289785_6901192893264074004_nWith pastel houses, beautiful flowers, and the occasional glitter bomb on the street…what more could you possibly need?

To see more from our trip click here for a little video I put together from our Charleston adventure.

~Madelynne Catherine



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