Thrifted Thursday: The Perfect “Pear”

Happy Thursday! This week I’ve decided to start a new little series entitled Thrifted Thursdays. One: because I love clothes & thrift stores. And two: because I’m a sucker for alliteration.

But honestly, thrift stores are wonderful places to shop. Not only are they typically very inexpensive, but they’re also a great way to start shopping more sustainably. A plus for the environment AND your wallet!

So let’s kick off this series by talking about pairing prints, while I wear my favorite “pear” of shorts. (I’m also a sucker for good, old-fashioned food puns.) IMG_2686IMG_2675

I adore prints. My entire closet is comprised of polka dots, flowers, stripes, and the occasional food pattern. While some may say my sense of style looks like a kindergartner got dressed with the lights off, I like to think of it as more of….well….no, that’s actually a pretty good description. IMG_2659IMG_2656I think balance is pretty important when it comes to prints. Though my neck tie is all roses and leaves and not a pear to be seen, it shares a similar color scheme to my shorts, so I can at least say that I put some thought into this outfit. Contrary to popular belief, I did have the lights on while getting dressed this morning.

IMG_2666 I also believe that you can never go wrong with stripes. Ever.

Outfit One:

Necktie: Papaya

Shirt: My mom’s closet (but don’t fret, black & white striped shirts are literally everywhere)

Shorts: Thrifted!!

Shoes: Old Navy

IMG_2650IMG_2634IMG_2653And since it’s the first Thrifted Thursday, I thought I’d make it special by adding in a second outfit modeled by my lovely little sister. (Shoutout to her for willingly letting me dress her even though our styles actually tend to be polar opposites of each other.)

But, hello! Styling shirts over top of dresses is the best thing to ever happen!

IMG_2636IMG_2637And also blues and yellows always look wonderful next to one another. As the great Van Gogh once said himself, “There is no blue without yellow and without orange, and if you put in blue, then you must put in yellow, and orange too, mustn’t you?”


Outfit two:

Choker: Forever 21

Shirt: Thrifted! (Although, I think it was originally from Love Culture)

Dress: Old Navy

Shoes: Bass

Happy Thrifting!

~Madelynne Catherine


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