Balancing Act

“Life is all about balance. Today I’ll eat this funnel cake, tomorrow I’ll eat a salad. See? Balance,” I say while eyeing a hot fudge sundae and fries.

So maybe that isn’t exactly how it should work, but my bad food decisions aside, I really do think that life is just one big balancing act.


It’s kind of like constantly having to monitor a playground see-saw. If you add too much to one side, then it won’t be long before the other side is sent flying up into the air. Then after that, the rest is up to gravity to see how long it’ll take to crash and burn to the ground.  It’s a constant struggle of keeping both sides equal, so that no one flies up and no one falls down and everyone is happy.

Putting it like that makes it seem like a pretty simple concept. Unfortunately, it’s inevitable that sometimes we are going to run into things that will disrupt our perfect see-saw symmetry.

So it’s important to take a step back and make sure that you’re putting enough effort into the things that matter, while also taking breaks and looking out for yourself.


This past weekend, my friends and I went on a little picnic adventure to Cira Green, which is a beautiful, wide open green space located on top of an apartment complex. (If you’re ever in Philly, I definitely recommend this as one of my top ten picnicking spots.) It was really odd to see this grassy, flower filled area juxtaposed next to the looming skyscrapers and construction of Center City, but at the same time it felt kind of fitting. We were still in Philadelphia, but for a couple of hours we were lifted above the hectic streets and suspended to have a picnic in the sky. I’d say that’s a pretty perfect balance.


Don’t be afraid if your see-saw tips the wrong way sometimes. It’s going to happen at some point.

But you’ll be able to set it straight again.

Finding balance in your own life doesn’t have to be a super difficult task. It can be as simple as taking a thirty-minute walk outside if you’ve been cooped up at your desk all day. Or separating yourself from crowds of people for some time by yourself with a good book.

Don’t overwork yourself. Make sure to take breaks.

Don’t worry too much about the future. Focus on the now.

Don’t stress over that funnel cake. The salad will cancel it out. (Or at least we can tell ourselves that.)

~Madelynne Catherine


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