May Tea Talk: Sunny Disposition


I’m a day late for the May “Tea Talk”, but I thought I’d make it up to you by sharing some very helpful life advice: It’s impossible to be sad when wearing a bright yellow dress made of flowers and sunshine.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Life Updates:

This past week, I’ve started to pack up my things into a seemingly endless amount of boxes and bags. It’s actually quite surprising how much stuff I’ve managed to fit into our tiny, little, concrete-walled room. It’s also quite surprising how much I’m actually going to miss this tiny, little, concrete-walled room.

My roommate, Abby, and I have made our dorm into our own little home complete with fairy lights, dream catchers, flowers, and way too many pictures. Everything is nice and colorful and comfortable and I really don’t want to take it all down. It’s finally hitting me with nine days left of our freshman year, that we’re all going to be leaving Philly for an entire three months. And I don’t think I’m mentally prepared quite yet.

It’s crazy to think how all of my best friends now, didn’t even know that I existed nine months ago. In August, the idea of living in a different state, in the middle of a huge city was absolutely wild to me. But now that I’ve successfully mastered the art of public transportation, survived an entire year of college classes, and met some pretty amazing people, I’d say freshman year was a huge success.

So in a weird way, I’m kind of happy that I’m sad. This quote by a wise, old Pooh Bear can explain it better than I ever could….

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard”.

So even though it’s bitter sweet, I’m looking forward to a lovely summer of beach days with my family and reunions with high school friends, because I know that in September the city will still be here with even more crazy adventures waiting to happen.


Blog Updates:

I’m finally starting my little College Advice series this week with the first post being filled with tips about going to college in a city, since I like to think I’ve gotten the hang of that by now. Also, since finals are officially over next week, I’ll finally have a lot of time this month to post more often, which I am super excited about!

Well, anyways, I hope you all have a lovely month.
Happy first day of June!

~Madelynne Catherine


2 thoughts on “May Tea Talk: Sunny Disposition

  1. Kelly says:

    So proud of you….. I can’t believe that your first year is done. You have achieved SO MUCH in the past nine months….. I cannot wait to see what you will do next ❤️!

    Liked by 1 person

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