Tea Talk: April

These last couple of days (well, more like April in general) have definitely been a bit crazy, but good news! We’ve all made it to Friday! That alone calls for celebration and a cupcake, of course.

I’m currently catching up on homework and filling out my to-do list for the day to make myself feel a bit more accomplished. I’ve also made a cup of tea, because for some reason, tea always makes me feel like I have my life together.

So, I’ve decided to start a new little series called Tea Talks! The name comes simply from the fact that while writing this, I was drinking tea. And, also, who doesn’t love a little alliteration?

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Take Care of Yourself!

This past week has been a bit hectic. It’s currently week five of Spring Quarter here at Drexel and midterms are in full swing, which means exams and projects galore! I currently feel like my body is functioning at supersonic speed to get everything done by the due dates and I’m a bit afraid that when I slow down I might just collapse into a pile of dust. But you know, it’s honestly fine *insert nervous laughter here*.

In all of this craziness it seems like everyone is either running on four hours of sleep or recovering from their third all nighter in a row. The gas station energy drink shelves are bare and coffee shops are being rampaged by zombie like college students in desperate need of caffeine. Campus is pretty much the set of an apocalyptic movie scene.

In all seriousness, though, (and with much less exaggeration) it’s important to remember to take care of ourselves, especially in the midst of midterms and finals. Our bodies aren’t meant to run purely on energy drinks and Starbucks. And at some point, the sleeplessness is going to catch up to you.

So, sleep deprived students everywhere! This is your reminder to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! And here is a convenient five point list on how to do exactly that:

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Here Comes the Sun: A Mental Spring Cleaning

It’s that wonderful time of year again where chunky sweaters can be ditched for breezy dresses, blankets can begin to make the transition from cozy necessities to picnic settings, and the days all begin to just seem a little bit brighter. The melted snow gone gives the ground a chance to breathe again and with warm days beginning to linger, it feels like the world is taking a big sigh of relief.


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An Island in the Sun: A Photo Diary

Last month, my passport gained its first stamp, my bucket list gained a lot of check marks, and I gained a major sunburn (along with the most amazing Spring Break to date).

In the midst of a seemingly endless winter, my friend, Rebekah, and I sat in a crowded post office filling out paperwork for my passport. While waiting in a line that stretched on forever, we chatted away about plans for Spring Break that, honestly, seemed far fetched at the time. With a blizzard in full force outside, any visions of her sunny home in the Bahamas seemed impossible. But a couple weeks later, with passport and plane tickets in hand, I was stepping out of an airplane onto the soil of a new country.

Stepping into a warm paradise was the perfect way to wash off the winter blues. The Bahamas are also a perfect fit for Rebekah, because both are filled with the most positive, sunny energy imaginable.  And what better way to explore the island than with a tour guide who has lived there her whole life?

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Pancakes & Patience

This weekend I learned a couple of things.
1. Pancakes are delicious when you have patience and let them cook.
2. Pancakes are slightly less delicious when you have no patience and do not let them cook.


Rainy Saturday mornings are basically made for pancake making while jamming out to the appropriate pancake themed music of Jack Johnson’s “Banana Pancakes”. (Fun game: let’s see how many times Madelynne will use the word “pancake” in this blog post) For once, I had the honor of being the Official Pancake Flipper, a title usually not given to me due to a past of extremely overcooked, hard as rock pancakes (life tip: turning up the stove all the way for the pancakes to cook faster usually does not work…). Fortunately, my college friends haven’t had too much experience with my unlucky burning catastrophes and I was finally entrusted to flip the pancakes. It was soon pointed out to me, however, that I possess absolutely zero patience. I’ve always known that I’m an impatient person, but waiting for these delicious breakfast treats to cook in front of me, really made me realize just how little patience I posses.

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