10 Things to do on a College Night (That Don’t Include Partying)

Honestly, one of my biggest worries when coming to college was the fact that I just don’t enjoy going to parties. Well, let me be more specific…I enjoy the cake and balloon type of parties, but I do not enjoy the super loud music and crowded rooms full of intoxicated people type of parties. I really thought that I would be the only one who felt this way and that I would spend every Friday and Saturday night sitting alone in my dorm room. But good news! If you don’t enjoy partying every weekend, you are not alone! And more good news! There are so many other things to do in college on the weekends besides partying!

So to all of my fellow introverts and party avoiding people, I made a little list of 10 things you can do on the weekends that do not include partying.

  1. Movie night with friends
  2. Fort building movie night with friends! (the fort really brings the movie experience to the next level, trust me on this one)
  3. Cookie/brownie/cake baking party
  4. Friend dinner potluck (basically where everyone brings a dish and shows off their cooking abilities with some masterfully made food of the cereal and grilled cheese variety)
  5. Try a new restaurant
  6. Attend a sporting event
  7. Adventure around campus
  8. Go to a concert
  9. Find an on campus event! My school has a club that organizes activities in the evenings for people like us (and chances are your school probably has a similar organization)! They do things like creating a pumpkin patch in October, or hosting painting and arts and crafts nights! (And trust me again, it’s only lame if you make it lame.)
  10. Just stay in! It’s perfectly okay to take a night to yourself! Never feel bad for not wanting to constantly socialize. I totally understand the whole “recharging your introvert batteries” thing. It’s a real thing. So chill out, read a book, write, binge watch Netflix, paint, and just do whatever your heart desires.

~Madelynne Catherine

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