Make Your Own Flower Crowns

*Originally ran July 19, 2015*

“I’d rather have flowers in my hair than diamonds around my neck.”

The treetops above are blooming vibrantly with buds and the grassy fields below are decorated with the most beautiful wildflowers. It’s clear to see that spring has sprung and summer is now in full swing. With warm weather and sunshine finally in our grasp, it seems to be the perfect time to celebrate and show off nature’s works of art. Flower crowns are a beautiful and whimsical addition to any outfit and a reminder of sunshine and summer. Also, they happen to be extremely easy to make.

What You Will Need:
1. Flowers (fake or real will work)
2. Thin wire
3. A hot glue gun
4. Scissors

Step One:
Unravel the thin wire and wrap it around your head where you want your flower crown to sit.

Cut the wire with scissors to the measurements you like.

Take the two ends of the wire and twist them together to make the outline of the crown.

Step Two:
Cut off leaves, stems, and small flowers from your flower arrangements to use to cover up the wire.

Step Three:
Wrap the long stems around the wire in order to create a more sturdy shape.

Then, use the hot glue gun to glue down leaves over areas where the wire shows through.

Step Four:
For the last step, get creative and glue the remaining flowers onto the wire and leaves to give the crown the shape that you want. You can use as many flowers as you like.

And now you have a beautiful flower crown to wear as a reminder of summer all year long!

~Madelynne Juenger

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